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7.2m demountable trimaran, winner of the "International Multihull Design Competition 2002" organised by the Norsk Flerskrog Seilklubb (Norwegian Multihull Association).


A no-compromise bluewater cruiser to go round the world in safety with a small crew. Slender hull and light displacement, to spend more time exploring than crossing. 

Selected as second runner-up in the "2007 Yacht Design Competition", organised by the american magazine Cruising World and the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology.


The ultimate economical liveaboard.
Perfect for inland waters and coastal trips. A lot of accommodation and deck space for a boat of 9 meters overall length. 


This is in some way a tribute to Jay Benford and his "Coasters" (if you like this boat buy his book "small ships"): I tried to transfer their philosophy and style to a size which I would be more likely to afford. One day this will be my flat on the sea.


This is a study I started for a friend who wanted to buy a production small cruiser for fishing and family day trips.  He still hasn't got a boat.  

Well, at least I got him confused...     

This unusual design was generated for the "River Boat 2000" Design Competition, organised in 1998 by the British Marine Industry Federation.  It was chosen as winner of the Environmentally Friendly category. 






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